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Abandon: The Notorious Mental Block


Having a soul winning and great Commission Church starts with Pastors abandoning the notorious mental block. Practically all functions of church evangelism are carried on within the framework of a mental block which assumes the following:

  • If we can somehow get sinners into our church then we will get them saved.

We invite people to come hear our special speaker at our church. We advertise by radio, TV, and the newspaper. Our church is freshly carpeted and our pews are nicely padded. We have great choir and a fine pastor.

Most lost sinners are trying to tell us something for a long time. We will not come to your church to get saved.90% of all sinners in your community will not come to your church.

Well then what should we do?

  • Abandon your mental block. Face the fact that most sinners will never come to your church to get saved.

The church building concept of evangelism has become the greatest hindrance to soul winning not because we have a church building but because we won’t get out of them.

The church building serves one purpose: to keep you from getting cold in winter and hot in summer or wet when it rains. We have attempted to evangelize the world by evangelizing the building. We evangelize every class room and every pew. The way we work at it you would think the building needed to get saved. We work as though all the lost people on earth were in the building.

We must consider the very meaning of the word evangelism. If your church is not reaching sinners as the early church did we should not be prejudiced against new thinking-Abandon the notorious mental block.


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