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YOU Can Witness… WE Can Help


“Witness Depot was birthed by a group of partners who have over 40 years of experience in witnessing. We have designed this website to provide the tools, information, and support needed to become a successful Witness. We are here to serve the Lord and you!”

Witness Depot started with an idea of leaving a legacy and wealth of witnessing for current and future generations to be inspired, and equipped to witness. Every believer world wide can participate and partake from this smorgasbord of witnessing.

Witness Depot is active in witnessing on the streets, small towns, campuses, and national events across America.

What is Witnessing?


  • Witnessing is the only reason you and I are saved today. Without someone witnessing to some one no one has a chance to be saved.
  • Witnessing is sharing Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results with God.-Bill Bright.
  • Witnessing is planting the seed of Gods word into peoples hearts.

Witness Depot website is a storehouse of witnessing tools, training, resources, missionaries, believers, testimonies, writings, videos, pod casts, outreaches, that will inspire, equip, edify, exhort, and enlist believers:

  • to Witness to their personal world
  • to Witness to their community-marketplace-neighborhoods-streets.



Witness Depot is unique because most of the witnessing multi-media resources, teachings, writings are free for believers to access and use. We are posting believers (current & past) who are witnessing examples to people in their personal world to at the grocery store, gas station, restaurants, airports, workplace, family, relatives, friends, and strangers in their personal world. Witness Depot is dedicated to posting soul winning home missionaries(current & past) who are examples of witnessing in their communities, neighborhoods, marketplace, streets, campuses across America.

If you have a witnessing testimony, ministry, teaching, product you would like us to consider posting on this site please contact us. If you would like to get involved with us in our outreaches across America Email us infor@witnessdepot.org. or call us 1-509-570-4039

“The greatest kindness you can show some one is to witness to them by caring about their soul”

**Witness Depot is a non profit 501C3 and is funded and supported by God sent partners and sponsors who share our vision and passion for witnessing and  equipping believers to reach the unsaved.

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