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Witnessing Articles

Witnessing without Fear of Rejection & Failure

Fear of rejection & failure are some of the main reasons believers do not witness for Jesus Christ. We fear offending people and being rejected by people. We fear doing an adequate job of representing Jesus Christ and being branded a fanatic. We listen to the whispers of the devil ...

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Abandon: The Notorious Mental Block

Having a soul winning and great Commission Church starts with Pastors abandoning the notorious mental block. Practically all functions of church evangelism are carried on within the framework of a mental block which assumes the following: If we can somehow get sinners into our church then we will get them ...

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Free Classic Book: “Take Him To The Streets”

  -Life’s greatest question: If you died today do you have the certainty you would go to heaven?- Download this classic witnessing manual  by Jonathan Gainsbrugh today, Take Him To The Streets as an eBook or a PDF to read on your computer (ePub available through clicking the image at left) DOWNLOAD   ...

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