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Curtis Hutson: Gates of Heaven

curtis hutson 3Curtis Hutson

Curtis Hutson was an Independent Fundamental Baptist pastor and editor of The Sword of the Lord. Curtis Hutson was born in Decatur, Georgia, to a barber and hair dresser, the second of five children.






Should I at the gates of Heaven appear

        To answer the challenge, what claim hast thou here,

        What hast thou to offer? Yea, what is thy plea?

        With blessed assurance my answer would be,


        Of all earthly treasure nothing I’ve brought,

        No great deeds of merit have I ever wrought;

        Tho’ vile and unworthy as mortal could be,

        I’ve nothing to offer, but this is my plea,


        My sins they are many, my virtues are few;

        The blood of my Savior will carry me through;

        When Christ in my place died on Calvary’s tree,

        Hallelujah! That opened God’s Heaven to me.


        All that I have is Jesus,

        All that I claim is Jesus,

        All that I want,

        All that I need,

        All that I plead is Jesus.  


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