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The Evangelist: G. Campbell Morgan

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He gave some apostles, and some prophets, and evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Eph4:11-12

These are gifts from God for the church bestowed by Jesus Christ though the Holy Spirit. No man can chose to be any of these gifts. These are spiritual gifts from God bestowed for spiritual work.

  • The work of the Apostle was the first messenger. The work of the apostle consisted in proclaiming the truth first, and the sacred writings first. The gift of the apostle is still conferred under certain circumstances for a specific work. At the birth of every great missionary movement there has been an apostle.
  • The work of the Prophet  is to foretell the truth from God without any reference to the pleasure or anger of the people. God has never been without prophets in the Christian era. The prophet compels the age to hear the truth. The prophet is a perpetual voice proclaiming truth.
  • The work of the Pastor and Teacher is to teach Gods people, and watch over them. The pastor and teacher instructs, guides, and feeds the saints.

The work of the Evangelist proclaims the glad tidings. The evangelist comes with his personal and individual message of the lordship of Christ, the value of his cross, the virtue of his resurrection, and the glorious victory of his indwelling. The evangelist is therefore the one who in the name of the church tells men and women outside how to come inside, and declares the glorious good news of the infinite gospel. The evangelist is a perpetual voice calling men to Christ.

The man who receives the gift of the evangelist  is one to whom there is given the clear understanding of the evangel. An evangelist has a great passion in his heart resulting from clear vision. A great optimism fills his soul which is born of his confidence in the power of Christ to save every man,. Growing out of that passion and confidence a great constraint seizes him to tell somebody and to tell everybody the glad news of salvation by Jesus Christ .

There is often too often a measure of friction between the evangelist  and those who are exercising other gifts of the ministry. Pastors and teachers sometimes entertain a feeling almost amounting to contempt for the evangelists. The evangelist on the other hand very often manifests a contempt for pastor and teacher. This is all utterly false and contrary to the spirit of the new testament,  the spirit of love, the spirit of wisdom, and contrary to the Spirit of God.

 ” The pity is we do not understand each other”

W.L Watkinson a great preacher from England has said” The pity is we do not understand each other. I go to the pastor and I say to him what do you think of these special men the evangelist and he says sensation. I go to the evangelist and ask of him these special men and he says stagnation

  • Let no evangelist think that the pastor and teacher who year by year patiently feeds the flock is not doing Gods work because he is not doing that of the evangelist.
  • Let no pastor and teacher think that the men passing over the country like a flame of fire proclaiming salvation and constraining men to acceptance are sensational.

G. Campbell MorganG. Campbell Morgan

Reverend Doctor George Campbell Morgan D.D. was a British evangelist, preacher and a leading Bible scholar. A contemporary of Rodney “Gipsy” Smith, Morgan was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London from 1904 to 1919, and from 1933 to 1943.






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