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What is our Gospel Message? By: Paul E. Little


The ambassador must effectively communicate a message. If he is unsure of that message he will never be an effective ambassador. Many Christians are ineffective ambassadors because they are not sure of the content of the message and are unable to communicate it understandably to others.

Other people  many true things but irrelevant things in presenting the gospel. Others have a clear grasp of the content of the message but have a vocabulary which is not understood by a biblical illiterate non Christians.

In communicating the gospel it is essential to realize that Christianity is not a philosophy or a way of life but a living person Jesus Christ. Unless a non- Christian realizes the issue is his personal relationship to this person we will have failed in our witness.

The gospel is a Jesus Christ a person.

  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • What has Jesus Christ done?
  • How can Jesus Christ be known through a personal experience? 

    Because the gospel is about a person there is no rigid and rote way in which it is to be presented. Whenever we are talking about a person rather than   a formula, we always begin with the aspects of the persons character and personality that are the most relevant at the moment.

    When we are talking about Jesus Christ it may be at one time his resurrection is the most relevant aspect of his person and work. Another time it might be his death, diagnosis of human nature, or who is he. Eventually, if we can we want to cover all the information of the gospel.


    Basic Facts of the Gospel Message

  • Who is Jesus Christ?Jesus Christ is God

    Jesus Christ is man

    ” Clearly show and share that Jesus Christ is God and man-a person.”

    John5:18 John14:9 John4:6 John11:35

  • The Diagnosis of human natureIt is usually possible to get the person to agree with you that there is something wrong in the world. The next step is to discuss the diagnosis of what is wrong. Without a accurate diagnosis of what is wrong there can be no cure that can be ever reached.

    Show that sin is a basic disease of rebellion against God which defiles all of us and cuts us off from God.


  • The meaning of the Crucifixion of Jesus ChristJesus Christ  was crucified ,suffered and  took our punishment  for our sins. He suffered the penalty of death for our sin. Jesus offers us the forgiveness of sins.


  • The meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus ChristThe implication of the resurrection for our time is that the Lord Jesus is a living person today. He has risen from the dead for you and is alive today


  • Becoming a ChristianA person needs to know how to come to know Jesus Christ personally for himself. Show clearly that you must believe and receive Jesus into your life.

    The essence of sin is living in independence and rebellion against God Will you admit your sin to God and give up your independence and rebellion against God. Will you repent? Will you change your mind and renounce your sin of rejecting Jesus Christ as your lord and savoir? Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart will invite and receive him into your life

    John1:12 Rev3:20

Paul_E_LittlePaul E. Little and his wife, Marie, worked for twenty-five years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Until his death in 1975, Little was also associate professor of evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He was the author of several books and articles, including Know Why You Believe.






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