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Where is The Outrage? Jack Fitzpatrick on a Fight Worth Fighting.

The following was sent to us by Witness Depot contributor Jack Fitzpatrick. Special thanks to Jack for taking the time to put this message together and for helping tell others about Witness Depot. If you are moved by the material and resources on our website, please CLICK HERE to contact us and let us know.


The poster shown below, and others like it, are going to the streets of America.  It clearly tells the story of why America has earned and deserves the wrath of God to be poured out on it/us.   You all know of the separation of this nation from a Holy God has been brought upon us——not only by the Supreme Court but by the silence of a comfort and pleasure loving multitude—–who call themselves the people of God.   Sinking deeper into the mire of apostasy, they ignore what is happening all around them.    Prayer in schools——GONE!    God in the public square——DRIVEN AWAY.    Protection of the unborn——OUTLAWED!    Respect for marriage and God’s plan for mankind——UNCONSTITUTIONAL!   Blessings for Israel——LONG FORGOTTEN!   What other perversions can this nation find to revel in?    How long will God delay pouring out His PROMISED wrath on a nearly Godless world?
But, where is the outrage—particularly from the churches?  Many think and have prophesied that we are in the very last days of America and that there is little time left for the final great harvest of souls.  Where is the turning away from self and self indulgence?   The voice from the pulpits is silent——when we should be driven to our faces by a relentless call to living a holy and set apart life.  Where are those heading for the highways and hedges to find the lost?  There is still time and the harvest is ripe and ready.
The man holding that poster is a long time friend of mine (over 30 years).  I met him in Missoula MT when we went to the streets together—-preaching the gospel.   Since he graduated from an Assembly of God bible college many years ago, he has devoted his entire life and ministry to street evangelism.  It has cost him dearly—-in many ways.
A few pictures of us in the streets of Missoula MT and at a rock concert at the University of Montana (in 1982 and 1983) are attached at the bottom of this message.
Several years ago, Mike was stricken with cancer.   After six years, near death, he is now cancer free, but physically unable to go to the streets anymore.  He is, like anyone on the front lines of the war against evil, under constant, severe and unrelenting attacks, both physically and emotionally.
Mike has been called to develop a web site which supplies encouragement, testimonies, evangelism supplies and training for those individuals and churches who feel the call of God to carry out the “great commission”.  He is in the final stages of developing a web site to provide these materials, mainly without charge, to those who are called.  Additionally, he is writing a book which provides step by step instructions in how to go to the streets with the gospel—–both for individuals and for larger groups.
This large poster is one of the materials that he will have available (at cost) for street evangelists.   It is also the front page of a small tract which can be handed out to passersby in the streets or used in door to door ministry.
He is a pretty dedicated guy, having given all he had, for many years, in going to the streets and preaching—-in order to carry out the great commission.
His web site is www.witnessdepot.org
Blessings to all,
Jack Fitzpatrick

Montana Jack

About Montana Jack:

This former senior Naval officer found the Lord almost 40 years ago and first went to the street in the early 1980’s.   Since then he has gone on to become an Ordained Minister, a prolific Bible teacher and strong voice for the “highways and hedges” ministry.   With his wife Eileen they have 15 children, 37 grandchildren and are awaiting the birth of their 12th great grandchild.   A long time Montanan, he is presently residing in Tucson Arizona, where he is devoting his days to prophetic evangelism.  He is a strong voice for the last days hidden church.




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