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Whitefields of America, Inc. Procedures for Tent Ministry

1. Below are guidelines to follow when presenting the Gospel using the presentation
described herein. The following are important points that should be emphasized.

2. Conviction of sin. People must realize or understand that they are personally
sinners before God, that they cannot keep from sinning, and are in need of
forgiveness. That they are responsible to get right with God by making the right
choices. This requires repentance which comes only by having genuine sorrow for
their sins and a desire to forsake them. For them to grasp the fact that they are
sinners, we use the Ten Commandments to reveal they have not kept them.

3. People must be repentant and sorry for their sins. This is not always easy to know,
but we try to discern whether they are ready to repent and give their lives to Christ or
hesitant still. There are many ministries out there that seem to be after numbers and
rush people through the “sinners prayer” just to get names. We have seen many
times that some of those who have prayed did not have the faintest idea of what
they were doing or why. We believe it’s good to keep a track of numbers (Jn. 21:11)
but the motive must be so that we can follow up with the new converts in order to
disciple them in Christ.

4. We try to teach unbelievers the full counsel of God: His love for all mankind, His
grace, mercy, righteousness, justice, wrath, His hatred for sin, His soon and eminent
return and the justice of eternal punishment in hell. Our primary objective is to pluck
sinners out of the fire so that they can know Jesus, have eternal life with Him, and
for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We preach His perfect love and His
perfect justice. We do not compromise the truth because we believe it is the only
thing that will set people free in this life and in the next (Jn. 8:31, 32, 36).

5. We work hard to break down barriers that alienate people against the Gospel. We
want them to know that we are people just like them, but have been saved by God’s
grace and mercy. The only difference between us and them is that we believe the
Gospel and show our belief by what we practice. We believe in holiness, without
which no man may see the Lord. We try to be friendly, to demonstrate humility, and
to have a sense of humor. We do not want to offend them with our lives. If the
Gospel offends them, then, it has done its work and our hope and prayer is that they
will one day humble themselves to receive it and to be saved.

Whitefields of America, Inc. Procedures for Tent Ministry

The sign says, “KNOW YOUR FUTURE FREE”
One or more will enter the tent. We let them come in on their own free will.
Occasionally, if they are standing around, looking as though they want to come in, we
will ask if they want to know their future, but usually, they come in without our
encouragement. They often ask if this is really free; are you fortune tellers; physics, or
something similar. We immediately tell them that we are none of these. We say, “We
cannot tell you what your future is in this life but we can tell you what it is after you die.
Would you like to know?” Most of the time they will say, “Yes.” At that point we ask
them to come in and sit down.
(We make it a point that they know we are not fortune tellers, that it is free, and that they
are free to leave at any time.
We often have mixed company and even when there are people who do not know each
other, it’s usually not a problem presenting it to them all together, however, if there are
more than four or five, then it gets a little difficult but can still be done. That’s why it’s
best to have two or more minsters present. (Men should minister with men and women
with women, unless they are married to one another. We do not encourage one man
alone with one woman, unless they are married. This precludes any shadow of reproach
on the ministry. )
“In order for me to have an idea of what your future is after you die, I need to ask you
some questions. Is that ok with you?” Wait for their answer.
Introduce yourself and ask each their name.
Explain to them that humans are three part beings made up of body, soul and spirit.
The body returns to dust, the soul retains all that we have experienced in life, the spirit
is the eternal part that retains all the soul’s “data” (memories, experience, desires,
knowledge, etc.) but will never die. Than ask them why they think some people go to
heaven and some go to hell. (You can say, ‘the other place”). Most will say something
like, “The good people go to heaven, the bad people go to hell.”
“Do you consider yourself a good person?” Most will answer “Yes”, or
Tell them you would like to give them a short test to see if they are ‘really good’.
“This is so you will know if you are really good enough to make it to heaven”.
Proceed through 4 or 5 of the Ten Commandments; Usually, we ask them if they have
ever lied, stolen, used the Lord’s name in vain, disobeyed parents, have they ever been
jealous (coveting), and have they ever lusted over the opposite sex.

Whitefields of America, Inc. Procedures for Tent Ministry

Make sure they admit, verbally, that they have done some of these things: e.g., if they
have lied, ask them “What does that make you?” (A liar) If they hedge, be persistent
because true salvation cannot come without their understanding that they have
personally broken God’s laws, which is sin.
After they have admitted that they have failed the test, tell them that these are the laws
that God wrote upon our hearts, called the Ten Commandments, which is also the Godgiven
conscience. (Rom 2:14-16)
All people are born with a conscience, therefore, they know right from wrong.
Continue with,
“According to the Bible, after you die, you will stand before God and will be judged by
Him according to these laws that He wrote upon your heart.”
Then ask,
“If you died today and stood before God would you be innocent or guilty?” Most people
will say, “Guilty”. It is very important that they understand that they are guilty.
Tell them,
“If you die and your sins are not forgiven, then your future would be the lake of fire,
which is hell, where the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.”
God loves you so much that He made a way for you to escape eternal damnation. The
only Person who has ever fully kept God’s Laws, is His Son, Jesus. God came to earth
as man, to experience being human. This Man, Jesus, was tempted in every way that
we are, yet was without sin. Jesus gave His life on the cross to pay the penalty for our
sins. He was innocent, but He became the object of God’s wrath to spare us God’s
judgment. God, who is perfectly just must punish all sin. His love for you is so great that
He poured out His wrath on His only Son so that you and I would not have to be
punished in hell. This was God’s eternal plan because He knew that we were unable to
keep His laws.”
“Not only did Jesus give His life and was buried, but God raised Him from the dead so
that those who put their faith in Jesus and what He did, can also be raised and enter
heaven and enjoy eternal life because of the price that Jesus paid for their sins.”
“You must believe this with all your heart, but that is still not enough. You must be sorry
that you have broken God’s laws. You must also be willing to forsake your life of sin.
This is called repentance. By this you are showing that you really believe. What you
really believe will be displayed by your actions.”
Ask them how they feel about their sins at this point. You must try to discern whether
they understand, if they are sorry for their sins, feel guilt and feel their need for
forgiveness. If so, (of course, you, being sensitive to the Spirit) ask them if they would
like to pray to receive Christ and commit their lives to Him. If so, lead them in a prayer

Whitefields of America, Inc. Procedures for Tent Ministry

for salvation modeled below – this is just a model prayer that covers the most important
points. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.
“Dear God, I believe that I have sinned against You by breaking Your laws
that you wrote upon my heart. I know that I cannot keep your laws and I am truly sorry
for my sins. I believe Jesus lived a sinless life and gave His life on the cross so that I
could have eternal life. He paid the penalty for my sins. I believe He rose from the
grave and is at the right hand of God. I ask you God to forgive all my sins and I invite
Jesus to come into my life, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to become my personal
Savior. I now make Jesus the Lord of my life, and choose to obey Him with all my heart.
In Jesus Name, Amen”
Of course you can alter this once you are comfortable with it but do not get away
from the four key truths mentioned above. You will find that at times, the Lord will
give you illustrations as you are presenting this. I have prayed a prayer for many
years from Proverbs 16:23 “The heart of the wise teaches his mouth and adds
persuasiveness to his lips.” I make it personal like this, “Lord, I ask You to give
me a heart of wisdom that teaches my mouth and adds persuasiveness to my
lips”. He never ceases to amaze me as He will with you also.
The most important things to remember are love, expressed by humility and truth
without compromise. Or, it could be said, “Speak the truth in love.” Eph. 4:15.