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NEW Free Book: Sharing The Gospel Effectively – DOWNLOAD NOW

Witness Depot is excited to offer another free Witnessing E-book entitled “Sharing The Gospel Effectively.” This tool will help those who are interested in learning more about Evangelism. This book helps guide you through the process or “steps” to effectively share the Gospel with others. Witness depot’s focus is “taking ...

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Free Classic Book: “Take Him To The Streets”

  -Life’s greatest question: If you died today do you have the certainty you would go to heaven?- Download this classic witnessing manual  by Jonathan Gainsbrugh today, Take Him To The Streets as an eBook or a PDF to read on your computer (ePub available through clicking the image at left) DOWNLOAD   ...

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A Storehouse For Gospel Tools

Witness Depot is a storehouse of witnessing tools, services, training, and products that will help equip believers: To witness to their personal world To witness to their community Witness Depot is under the umbrella of Evangelical Equippers, Inc,  a non-profit organization with a heart and passion for helping Christians reach ...

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