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ABOUT Whitefields of America

Phil Parr Slide Witness Depot

Whitefields of America, Inc. ‘”— the fields are white for harvest.” John 4:35

Phillip Parr, Founder and Director
WFOA is a 501c3, non-profit Christian Ministry
Columbus, Ohio and surrounding area

Email: pparr.50@gmail.com
Website: whitefieldsofamerica.com
(614) 592-9411


Bringing the Gospel to the people through County Fairs, Festivals, One on One
Witnessing, Campus Open-air Preaching with the goal to Revival in America!
Our mandate from God at WFOA is to minister the Gospel through the above
outreaches with the foremost and ultimate goal of a true outpouring of the Spirit of God
in America and beyond. We believe in the whole counsel of God which requires that we
include, if possible, every method of evangelism used in the Bible to win souls to a true
salvation through Jesus Christ.

We are convinced that God wants to pour out His Spirit upon this generation more than
we want it, believing that we must align ourselves with His agenda or it will not happen.
But if we do, it certainly will. All the promises of God are ”Yes and Amen.” He always
wants to revive His Body. He always wants souls to come to the knowledge of the truth,
and He always wants His children to be filled with and to operate in the power of His
Spirit in order for revival to happen. That is why we firmly believe revival will come if we
pray and work, work and pray, for the lost to be saved. Until that day or the the day of
His return, we will press into the kingdom of Heaven and take it by force through prayer
and proclamation of the Gospel. (Matthew 11:12; Luke 16:16)

I, Phil, grew up in the 50’s as a kid and in the 60’s as a teen in the midst of the Civil
Rights movement, the British Invasion, the Viet Nam War, the hippie age of flower
power, Woodstock and Kent State. After High School, I began working at General
Motors in Dayton, Ohio. After a year and a half, I joined the Navy and soon after boot
camp, I married my high school sweetheart Sharon. We had our daughter, Carina who
was the only other person on earth who was as beautiful as her mother. I was trained
as a torpedoman and an ASROC missile Technician, which means anti-submarine
rocket, fired from surface ships. This required a top secret security clearance because it
involved nuclear weapons. During my time in the Navy, I earned an Associates. Degree
from Georgia Military College. Being home ported in Long Beach, California, I attended
Long Beach Community College where I completed four jazz and percussion courses in
their music program.

After one year of Naval schooling and three years aboard a Destroyer Tender, serving
on three West Pacific cruises, I was honorably discharged and went back to General
Motors for a short time. I then took an educational leave of absence to attend Wright
State University, where I majored in Music. After two years total as a music major and
traveling on the road for a short time with a rock band. I then returned to G.M. I was
born-again at age 27 and was able to retire from G.M. after fulfilling the required years.
Having committed my life to Christ, I felt called to do full time ministry in evangelism,
which I had been doing since being saved. I had heard the Lord say to me, “My son,
I’m raising you up to preach the Gospel.”

In 2004 I officially became the founder and director of Whitefields of America, Inc. which
is a ministry of evangelism. The ministry has two venues of operation in which we
proclaim the Gospel. These are county fair and festival tent ministry and open-air
preaching, mainly on college campuses, with an emphasis at The Ohio State University
in Columbus, Ohio.

WFOA has also preached and or ministered across Ohio, in Florida, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California.