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Lifestyle Evangelism Refuted By Curtis Hudson



Lifestyle evangelism is a false philosophy that teaches that we witness with our life rather than with our lips. They refer to those who witness, preach, testify as button-holing, evangelical muggers, or wearing your christianity on your sleeves.

This lifestyle evangelism is being promoted by many pastors. Show people Jesus by your lifestyle. They will want to get saved when they see how great a person you are and the lifestyle you live.

Lifestyle evangelism is not found in the bible. A good consistent christian lifestyle gives credibility to the witness but, in and of itself was never intended to lead a soul to Christ.

    • We are for lifestyle evangelism where witnessing and soul winning is a way of life for the believer.”Faith for salvation will never come to the sinner by a believers lifestyle. How shall they believe of whom they have not heard? How shall they believe without a preacher? Romans10:13-14 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.Romans10:17The woman at the well, Zacchaeus up in a tree. Matthew the tax collector at his business were all confronted verbally with the gospel. Jesus did not live his lifestyle before them. Jesus verbally confronted them to follow him.Since the matter of salvation is urgent why should we wait several weeks, or months, years to witness to a friend or a stranger?
    • Have you ever heard someone say to you I am trusting Jesus Christ because of the way you lived? I have had many say to me thanks for telling me about Christ or I never really understood how to be saved until you explained it.
    • Jesus witnessed to all kinds of people where he had not demonstrated his lifestyle to them. We do not know of one single case in all the bible where anyone was saved by just observing the lifestyle of Jesus.
    • We are  opposed to any teaching that discourages personal witnessing, testifying, and preaching the gospel to sinners. People get faith to be saved by hearing the word of God from a person who verbally witnessed to them. It does not say, How shall they hear without some one to live the christian lifestyle before them?


  • What lifestyle witnessing philosophy is saying is that we should incarnate the gospel before we verbalize it.”


There are countless encounters with people that have not observed our lifestyle or that we will never see again. There is no teaching in the bible that we should demonstrate a lifestyle to a sinner before witnessing to them

3709b1a8ea2cee11880fb59d04909f9eCurtis Hutson

Curtis Hutson was an Independent Fundamental Baptist pastor and editor of The Sword of the Lord. Curtis Hutson was born in Decatur, Georgia, to a barber and hair dresser, the second of five children.









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